NOTE – Effective September 7th, 2021 all applicants must provide proof of full vaccination against Covid-19 (in the form of watermark receipts from the provincial portal – https://covid19.ontariohealth.ca/ ) as per the provincial direction as set out by the CMOH Directive 6.

A very rewarding way to serve our community is through volunteering at Norfolk General Hospital or the Norfolk Hospital Nursing Home. Volunteers work alongside medical staff and others to make a patient’s stay much more enjoyable and positive.

The Volunteer Association to Norfolk General Hospital and Norfolk Hospital Nursing Home oversees the activities of more than 350 volunteers at the hospital and nursing home, in ways as varied as selling lottery tickets to delivering online messages to patients.

You can also learn more about the work of our team through Vitality, the newsletter produced by the Volunteer Association of NGH-NHNH

History of Volunteer Association to NGH and NHNH

Although a group of volunteers had been raising funds and sewing for three years before the Hospital officially opened, the present organization grew from the Women’s Aid which was formally constituted in 1925.

In 1938 the two groups became the nucleus of a new organization called the Hospital Auxiliary, which operated until 1966. At that time the Executive Board to the Auxiliary of the Norfolk General Hospital was formed and a new constitution was drawn up.

When the Norfolk Hospital Nursing Home opened in 1975, the volunteer services were extended to the Nursing Home and we became the Auxiliary to Norfolk General Hospital and the Norfolk Hospital Nursing Home. In April 1992, due to the increase of male volunteers, our name was again changed to its present form – The Volunteer Association to Norfolk General Hospital and Norfolk Hospital Nursing Home.