Three volunteers awarded the Volunteer Association’s highest honour at Annual General Meeting: A total of 52 volunteers recognized for their years of service

(NGH) Thursday, June 23, 2022 – Norfolk General Hospital (NGH) and the Norfolk Hospital Nursing Home (NHNH) Volunteer Association celebrated and highlighted its many achievements from the past year at its annual general meeting (AGM) on Thursday, June 9, 2022, at the Army, Navy & Airforce Unit in Simcoe.

This year three volunteers were recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award – its the highest honour granted by the Volunteer Association to a volunteer who has made a major impact through leadership, long service, or a unique contribution.

The Lifetime Achievement Award recipients are Irma Gouthro of Delhi, Iris Smith of Simcoe, and Doug Sibbett of Port Dover.

Sibbett has been a volunteer since 2009 and has accumulated more than 2400 volunteer hours.

(Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Doug Sibbett of Port Dover)

“I was quite surprised to receive the Lifetime Award, and so honoured and humbled to be in the company of Iris and Irma, who are so deserving of this award,” said Sibbett. “I never expected to be honoured in this way as I have always just done my volunteer duties without expecting anything in return except the satisfaction of a job well done.”

Sibbett was instrumental this past year in beautifying the grounds at NGH. He and his team of volunteers added beautiful gardens complete with plants, flowers, shrubbery, and outdoor benches that offer an attractive, peaceful outdoor space where staff, patients, visitors, and residents of the Norfolk Hospital Nursing Home can enjoy peace and tranquility.

(Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Irma Gouthro (left) with Bonnie Harris, President) 

Delhi Branch member Irma Gouthro, a volunteer since 2006, also received the top honour. Gouthro has put in more than 1300 hours of service and can often be found sorting, pricing, and organizing Treasure Mart trinkets and treasures. Along with Treasure Mart, Irma has been active in Delhi tag days and Christmas gift wrapping.


(Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Iris Smith) 

Iris Smith of Simcoe was also crowned with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Smith has been a volunteer since 2000 and has provided over 3200 hours of service in just about every possible activity, from being the Chair of the Simcoe Branch, co-chair of Treasure Mart, and assisting at the COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic and the hospital’s gift shop. In 2019, Smith, at the age of 81, climbed the stairs at the CN Tower and raised more than $14,000 in support of the new CAT scan machine at NGH.

The AGM also honoured individual volunteers for their years of service and their remarkable commitment to the hospital and Nursing Home.

This year over 150 volunteers contributed 13,000 hours to the Association. This is a significant contribution as the pandemic has greatly limited the ability to fully engage our volunteers. The Volunteers also donated $13,800 in 2021-22 to help fund projects at NGH and the NHNH.

The Volunteer Association has generously provided a total of over $3.5 million to NGH since its inception!

A total of 52 volunteers were honoured for their time dedicated to the hospital, adding up to nearly 650 years of service. Eight volunteers were recognized with a 20-Year Service Pin, while 42 volunteers received a 10-Year Service Pin. Joan Kent received a 40-Year Service Pin, while Jane Miller received a 30-Year Service Pin.


Outstanding Service

(Photo left to right: Jane Hunter; Margaret Saunders; Brian Miller; Lyn Fraser; Cara Blackwood; Linda Novinka; Sue Caley)


30 Year 

(Jane Miller (left) with Bonnie Harris, President)


Twenty Year

(Photo left to right: Linda Novinka; Barb Hall; Maureen Ebdon; Elizabeth Rotherham; Linda Muir)


10 year

(Photo left to right: Judy Boughner; Irma Gouthro; Mirja Spencer; Karen Sibbett; Claudia King; Alan Ladd; Lynne Bradstreet; George Lubrick; Doug Sibbett; Marlene Vallee)

Convenors & Treasurers: 

(Photo left to right: Linda Novinka; Renee Owen; Lyn Fraser; Jane Hunter; Marg Gurney; Claudia King; Doug Sibbett; Iris Smith; Mirja Spencer; Barb Rideout; Cara Blackwood; Sue Caley; Lynne Bradstreet)


Board of Directors:

(Photo left to right: Judy Boughner, Secretary; Elizabeth Rotherham, Treasurer; Vicki Fritzley (back), Simcoe Chair;  Bonnie Harris, President; Cara Blackwood, Communications; Drenise Cowlard, Port Dover Chair; Brian Miller, Past President;  Margaret Saunders, Delhi Chair; Claudia King, Waterford Chair)