Statement Regarding Land Acquisition for New Builds

(Date issued: Monday, January 8, 2024)

Dear Norfolk County Residents,

We are writing to share exciting news about the future of Norfolk General Hospital and the Norfolk Hospital Nursing Home. We are pleased to announce that we have begun planning for two new state-of-the-art facilities on a new greenfield site.

Our current site, while serving us well, is too small to support the scale of facilities required to meet the increasing demand and variety of healthcare services needed in our community and to meet the space required and expected for modern healthcare and long-term care facilities. Therefore, we are actively seeking a suitable plot of land ranging from 25 plus acres to establish a comprehensive campus of care that will allow the continued co-location and integration of both the hospital and nursing home, and which will allow space for other supporting allied health services and providers to join the campus of care. As a first step in implementing this vision, our intent is to commence construction of a new nursing home in late 2024/early 2025, having already received Ministry of Long-Term Care approval for more long-term care beds at the nursing home.

At the same time, Norfolk General Hospital is actively involved in a Master Plan initiative, with the goal of presenting a pre-capital proposal to the Ministry of Health by the end of the fiscal year. This proposal marks the initial stage of our capital planning process, which will advance through various phases guided by the Ministry of Health.

Our vision is to create a healthcare campus that not only meets the highest standards of medical care but also provides a serene and welcoming environment for our patients and their families. Our vision is to make the hospital and the nursing home the preferred choice for those seeking care and the preferred choice for health care professionals seeking opportunities in a great community and in great organizations. To achieve this goal, we are reaching out to the community in the hope that someone may generously donate a parcel of land that aligns with our site selection criteria.

While we are continuing to assess site selection criteria, at present these criteria include:

  • Arterial/County Road Access: We aim for ease of access to ensure that our facilities are readily available to all members of the community.
  • Land Suitability: The ideal site for our new facilities should be relatively flat with no significant environmental constraints, allowing for efficient and sustainable construction. Preference is for a site that can be development ready within the town of Simcoe and its immediate vicinity.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: We value the importance of creating a healing environment that includes beautiful view-scapes and tranquility, contributing to the overall well-being of our patients.
  • Infrastructure Services: The land should be appropriately serviced or easily serviceable to facilitate the development of our new healthcare facilities.

We believe that by securing the right parcel of land in Simcoe, we can build a campus of care that will meet the current healthcare needs of our community, transform how we provide care and provide the setting and the space required to meet our community healthcare needs far into the future.

The support of our community has always been vital to our success, and we are optimistic that this endeavor will further strengthen the bond between our two incredible organizations and the residents we are honored to serve.  We are reaching out to the community in the hope that someone may generously donate a parcel of land that aligns with the site selection criteria.

If you or someone you know may be interested in contributing land to this noteworthy community initiative, please contact Todd Stepanuik – President & CEO at either 519-426-0130 ext:1228 or at


Stephanie Pongracz – Clarysse
Chair – NGH Board of Directors

Ken Robb
Chair – NHNH Board of Directors

Todd Stepanuik
President & CEO