Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging Services provide a noninvasive method of looking inside the body to help determine the cause of an injury or illness. D.I. is located in wing B, level 1 close to the Emergency Department and next to patient registration. All D.I. patients require an appointment, must present with a signed requisition, and register at the main reception desk for their appointment.

NGH Diagnostic imaging is made up of four modalities:

Computed Tomography (CT) uses 360 degrees of radiation to produce cross-sectional images or “slices” of the body. For CT bookings please fax all requests to 519-429-6892. To contact the CT department please call 519-426-0130 ext:2219

Mammography uses radiation and compression to acquire images of breast tissue. For mammography bookings Please fax all requests to 519-429-6992 To contact the mammo department please call 519-429-6974. Ontario breast screening program (OBSP) bookings please call 519-426-4006 or 519-429-6974.

Ultrasound: Uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of organs, blood vessels, and soft tissue inside the body. Please fax all requests to 519-429-6992. To contact the ultrasound department please call 519-429-6974.

Radiology (X-ray and fluoroscopy): uses radiation to create “plain films” or stationary images and fluoroscopy is an x-ray in “real-time” like a video or movie. Please fax all requests to 519-429-6992. To contact radiology please call 519-429-6974.

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