Patient Accounts

People living in Ontario with valid health cards are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) which includes admission to a four-bed room for in-patient care. Some of the costs NOT covered by OHIP include: ambulances, crutches, walking casts, etc.

You may want to upgrade your room to:

  • Semi-private (2 patient beds in room)
  • Private (1 patient bed in room)

Please check your insurance coverage and present your insurance cards at the time of admission. If you do not have your insurance information at
that time, please present it to the cashier at the insurance office as soon as possible. OHIP does not cover extra costs such as upgraded rooms, telephone or television. Your insurance company may cover part of the costs of upgraded accommodations. If not, the patient is responsible for those costs.

Payment options for patients

You can pay your bill online with a credit card directly from the website. You will need to have your Patient Statement/Invoice to complete the payment. Visit the NGH secure payment gateway.

Co-payments for Complex Care (CC) and Alternate Level of Care (ALC) Patients

Co-payments may be required for

  • Patients who have been designated by a physician as requiring CC. This is specialized care provided to patients with complex medical conditions.
  • Patients who have been designated by a physician as requiring an Alternate Level of Care (ALC). These are patients who no longer require
    acute care in a hospital and are awaiting care in another setting (e.g. nursing home).

Patients will be informed if they are designated CC or ALC. The daily amount of co-payments varies depending on income. Hospital staff are available to provide further information to those affected.