Norfolk General Hospital’s Maternal Newborn Clinic has become a beacon of hope for expectant parents

(SIMCOE) – Pregnant individuals in Norfolk County have experienced a significant improvement in access to maternity care since the launch of the Maternal Newborn Clinic at Norfolk General Hospital (NGH) 14 months ago.

This clinic, which re-opened its doors on July 18, 2022, has become a beacon of hope for expectant parents, offering comprehensive prenatal care 24/7. With a team of highly skilled nurses, midwives and obstetrical physicians, including a specialized obstetrician-gynecologist, the clinic ensures that all individuals, regardless of whether they have a primary care provider, receive the care they need.

The focus of the Maternal Newborn Clinic is to provide wellness care, monitor fetal growth and development, administer urgent and non-urgent pregnancy assessments, and much more. The dedicated team of physicians, nurses and midwives ensures that every expectant parent receives the highest level of care throughout their pregnancy journey. If a baby requires specialized care, the clinic’s team has the ability make appropriate referrals to pediatricians or other specialists, ensuring that no aspect of the child’s health is left unattended.

In addition to providing infant care in the first week of life, the Maternal Newborn Clinic also plays a crucial role in alleviating the burden on emergency departments. By providing essential wellness healthcare to infants, the clinic reduces the number of emergency visits required. This not only benefits the infants by providing them with timely care but also allows emergency departments to focus on critical cases.

Robin Varnes, Director of the 3B Medical/Surgical Unit and Obstetrics at Norfolk General Hospital, emphasizes the importance of ensuring pregnant individuals have access to care during this crucial period.

‘Our commitment to offering safe, high-quality services perfectly matches our goal of providing essential care to pregnant individuals during this crucial time. Thanks to the unwavering dedication of our staff and physicians and midwives, we have been able to ensure expecting parents receive the consistent prenatal care they deserve.'”

With the hospital’s Labour and Delivery Unit bringing approximately 340 infants into the world each year, the Maternal Newborn Clinic plays an integral role in supporting the growing needs of the community.

“It is so wonderful to see the community’s response to our Maternal Newborn Clinic,” said Dr. Jamie Szabo, Chief of Obstetrics.Providing all patients with timely, local access to comprehensive prenatal and newborn care is so important to ensuring healthy pregnancies and babies.”

Making a Positive Impact in the Community

Since its inception, the Maternal Newborn Clinic has made a significant impact on the Norfolk County community. The clinic has had 522 visitors/patients in the clinic since reopening in July 2022 (average of about 40 per month), ensuring that they receive the care they need during this critical time in their lives. This commitment to accessible and quality services aligns with Norfolk General Hospital’s overarching plan of providing safe and reliable healthcare to its community.

Pregnant individuals in the Norfolk County area who do not have a primary care provider can easily access the Maternal Newborn Clinic. They can self-refer at any time during their pregnancy by calling 519-429-6982 ext. 3204 or by clicking here.

The Maternal Newborn Clinic at Norfolk General Hospital stands as a testament to the dedication and commitment of healthcare professionals in providing comprehensive maternity care to the Norfolk County community. With its focus on wellness, early childhood health, and reducing the burden on emergency departments, the clinic has become an essential component of the local healthcare system. Through its provision of accessible and quality services, it continues to support and celebrate the journey of pregnancy and childbirth for countless families in the region.