Norfolk General Hospital’s Labour and Delivery Unit: A Year of Triumph and Renewal

(From left to right: Tyler and Jordan Stone hold their newborn, Lily, born at NGH on November 11, 2023)

Norfolk General Hospital (NGH) has reached a significant milestone, celebrating the first anniversary of reopening its Labour and Delivery Unit. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the hospital community, who worked tirelessly to restore obstetrical services for expectant parents within the Norfolk County community. Despite facing staffing challenges in September 2021, NGH was able to revitalize its obstetrics department through months of recruitment initiatives and the unwavering commitment of its staff, nurses, midwives, and physicians.

Restoring Obstetrical Care

The temporary transfer of obstetrical care to the Brant Community Health Care System (BCHS) in September of 2021, provided NGH with an opportunity to regroup and strategize. The hospital’s talent acquisition team embarked on an intensive recruitment drive to ensure a skilled and compassionate team was in place to provide round-the-clock care for expectant parents. Thanks to their efforts, NGH was able to reopen its Labour and Delivery Unit on November 21, 2022, and has been providing comprehensive prenatal care ever since.

Dr. Jamie Szabo, Chief of Obstetrics at NGH, expressed the importance of having access to safe and local obstetrical and newborn care. She commended the dedication of the nurses, physicians, midwives, surgeons, and administration who played a pivotal role in reviving the department. With their collective efforts, NGH has become a beacon of hope for expectant parents in the Norfolk County community.

“Serving such a wide geographical area, it was so important to return full spectrum obstetrical care to Norfolk General, and we look forward to continuing to grow our program,” said Dr. Szabo. “The interdisciplinary care our department provides means women have a variety of provider options locally to ensure a supportive pregnancy and birth experience.”

A Skilled and Supportive Team

The Labour and Delivery Department at NGH comprises a highly skilled team of nurses, midwives, and obstetrical physicians, all committed to providing inclusive care to every individual, regardless of their primary care provider. The recent addition of specialized obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Rupanjali Kundu further enhances the quality of care offered at NGH.

Dr. Kundu brings over ten years of experience and expertise to NGH, ensuring that women in the community receive specialized gynecological services. Her presence strengthens the hospital’s commitment to meeting the unique needs of pregnant individuals and providing comprehensive care throughout their pregnancy journey.

Celebrating New Life

Since reopening on November 21, 2022, over 160 new lives have been welcomed into the world at NGH. The Labour and Delivery Unit continues to be a place of joy and celebration, where each arrival is met with utmost care and support. Annually, the department welcomes approximately 340 infants, reaffirming NGH’s commitment to compassionate and proficient care for expectant parents.

One such story is that of Tyler and Jordan Stone, who on November 11, 2023, had the joy of welcoming their daughter, Lily Elizabeth, into the world at NGH. Living in Delhi, they were grateful for the opportunity to give birth close to home.

“Being able to give birth close to home made such a difference,” shared Jordan with a sense of relief. “At this hospital, having a room all to yourself was such a comfort, and the attention from the nurses, midwives, and doctors was truly special. There’s this genuine sense of support and a personal touch that you feel here. Honestly, words can’t quite capture how grateful I am for the nurses and physicians—so calming and caring through it all. I’ll never forget the kindness I received; like when Bernadette came in after surgery, offering a shower and a soothing massage during a tough time. That level of care is something you don’t expect but means the world. A heartfelt thank you doesn’t seem enough. I just can’t imagine going through what we did without this incredible team by our side.”

Baby Lily was delivered by an unplanned Cesarean section (C-section) by Dr. Jamie Szabo, and surgeon, Dr. Ali.

Addressing Growing Needs: The Maternal Newborn Clinic

To meet the expanding needs of the community, NGH also launched a Maternal Newborn Clinic on July 18, 2022. This clinic plays a pivotal role in providing wellness care, fetal growth monitoring, and urgent and non-urgent pregnancy assessments. The clinic ensures the highest level of care throughout the pregnancy journey, further supporting NGH’s commitment to inclusive and quality healthcare.

Pregnant individuals in Norfolk County who do not have a primary care provider can easily access the Maternal Newborn Clinic by self-referring via phone or online. NGH’s dedication to providing accessible care for all is reflected in its commitment to supporting families and ensuring the health and well-being of the vibrant community it serves.




 Norfolk General Hospital’s Labour and Delivery Unit has triumphed over challenges, restoring comprehensive care for expectant parents in the Norfolk County community. The addition of Dr. Rupanjali Kundu and the establishment of the Maternal Newborn Clinic further enhance the quality and accessibility of obstetrical care at NGH. With a commitment to celebrating each arrival with joy and compassion, NGH remains steadfast in providing safe and reliable healthcare for expectant parents.

For more information about obstetrical care at NGH, please visit Norfolk General Hospital – Labour & Delivery.