Norfolk General Hospital to offer 24/7 prenatal care beginning in September

(Tuesday, September 6, 2022) – Starting September 6, Norfolk General Hospital (NGH) will move into the next phase of its reopening plans to fully return labour and delivery services in Haldimand-Norfolk by offering 24/7 prenatal care for women during pregnancy.


“We are very excited to see 24/7 prenatal care return to Norfolk residents,” said Taylor Timpf, Registered Nurse at Norfolk General Hospital. “I am so proud of how our dedicated team has persevered to restore our maternal services, despite the many challenges along the way. We are one step closer to delivering babies again at NGH, a service that has been greatly missed by both our community and staff alike”


The Maternal Clinic, which began operating three days a week in July, provides services such as prenatal visits, newborn wellness checks, breastfeeding support, and urgent pregnancy assessments. The clinic is available to women with or without a primary care provider to ensure equitable access to comprehensive prenatal care.

Please note the maternal clinic does not offer care for women in active labour at this present time.


 “I called the clinic and explained to the nurse what was happening,” said Kristen Ellison, a patient who recently visited the Maternal Clinic. “Nurse Taylor said I could come right in and explained what I needed to do to receive care. The nurse had a doctor ready to see me when I arrived. It was a breeze. The space is inviting, it is clean, and it was not a convoluted process to access the clinic. I was heard, all my concerns were addressed, and left with some peace of mind.”


Offering access to 24/7 prenatal care is part of Norfolk General Hospital’s plan to gradually resume labour and delivery services. 


In September 2021, NGH temporarily transitioned inpatient obstetrical care to the Brant Community Health Care System (BCHS) due to staffing challenges. 


“This is a very exciting day, not only for our NGH team but for expectant mothers and families that we serve,” said Kim Mullins, Vice-President Clinical and Chief Nursing Executive. “The work and effort our dedicated team of nurses, physicians, midwives, and staff have put in behind the scenes to bring back prenatal care to a 24/7 model of care at NGH have been nothing short of spectacular. NGH is grateful for our community and the Board of Directors’ steadfast support. It has been apparent that our teams and supporters are committed to advocating for birthing options for women in Norfolk County.


To learn more about the NGH Maternal Clinic and the services it provides, please click here.