Norfolk General Hospital nurse retires after 40 years of service


Pat Phillips, a registered nurse (RN) at Norfolk General Hospital, has dedicated over 40 years of her life to helping people.

And even after four decades on the job, Pat’s commitment, dedication, and love for her patients were clearly evident.

In early September, Pat officially retired and worked her final shift as an RN on the 3B medical/surgical and obstetrical unit.

“I have many fond memories of working at NGH, and I owe a great debt of gratitude to all of my fellow healthcare staff in every department whose dedication keeps this place humming,” said Pat. “I will especially miss my 3B family as they truly have been my second family and the best group of caring people you could ever know.”

After graduating from nursing school, Pat spent five years at Woodstock General Hospital before joining the NGH family in 1986, where she became a much-loved and respected member of the 3B unit team.

Pat’s love for nursing began before she was ten years old.

“I’ve always had it in me to want to care for people. I wrote a note once when I was about eight years old telling of my aspirations to become a nurse.”

Without question, Pat has had an incredible nursing career. She has been a mentor to many of our staff, providing support, guidance, leadership, and so much knowledge.

“There is a special devotion a nurse gives to their patients. We give up so much of our time away from home to ensure patients get the high-quality and safe care they deserve. My work family saw to it that we made it through everything together. We relied on each other’s sense of humour and stamina to persevere through the worst of times and share the happiest of times. I will miss my NGH family very much.”

We will miss you too, Pat.

Throughout her nursing career, Pat also helped deliver hundreds of babies – some of which have returned to NGH later in life to have babies of their own.

We want to thank you, Pat, for your incredible service and loyalty and wish you all the very best for a happy retirement.

Enjoy spending time with your seven grandchildren and pursuing all of your hobbies!