Holmes House

Holmes House is located in Simcoe, Ontario, close to Norfolk General Hospital, the governing agency. Holmes House offers withdrawal management services (detoxification) from alcohol and mood-altering substances in a residential setting. Support is offered 24-hours per day, year-round. A short-term (21-day) co-ed treatment program is also available for clients requiring a residential setting as well as clients who are able to commute daily to our facility. Aftercare is available for those who wish to stay connected following treatment. Supportive Housing is also available, post-treatment, for those who meet the criteria. Please note, at this time COVID protocols are in place:

  • Social-distancing, face masks and twice-daily client screening
  • Twice daily COVID screening for Treatment and Withdrawal Management Services clients
  • Below –mentioned groups for Aftercare, Recovery Sessions, and Family Program are held off-site (respective contacts can give updated information on days, times, location, and COVID protocols)
  • Treatment Services program is currently held off-site, contact Caroline Bancarz cbancarz@ngh.on.ca for details


Hi Marcy, 

I am not sure if you remember me or not but I just wanted to send you an update on how Holmes House changed my life. I will be sober 4 years on January 24th. I couldn’t have even fathomed this would be a reality for me. I have beautiful 17 month old twins, a boy and a girl. They are the lights of my life and I know I would not have these amazing children without the life changing program at Holmes House. I just wanted to say thank you….especially to you, as you really opened my eyes to a lot of inner demons that really needed to be let out. I would love to take a drive one day and visit you all. I’m not sure if this is possible but I would really love to speak with some clients (if not clients in treatment then maybe at a meeting?) I just feel the message needs to be heard that there are success stories and if you work hard sobriety is attainable. I’m not saying I’m cured and will never pick up a drink again but for today I am 100% sober and loving life. 
I hope you and your family are doing well! 

Hope to connect soon, 



Holmes House services are funded by the Ministry of Health.

Quality Plan
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For further information or to enroll in our services, contact (24 hours):

Holmes House
394 West Street
Simcoe, ON
N3Y 1T9
CRISIS LINE: 1.888.999.4966
FAX: 519.428.7756

Email Contacts
Supervisor – Philip Kuva pkuva@ngh.on.ca
Intake Counsellor – Caroline Bancarz cbancarz@ngh.on.ca
Transitional Counsellor – Jenn Pyne jpyne@ngh.on.ca
Addiction Supportive Housing (ASH) Counsellor – Marcy Elliott melliott@ngh.on.ca

Holmes House FAQ

Withdrawal Management

Holmes House provides residential withdrawal management for men and women aged 16 and over on a voluntary basis. We accept people who are intoxicated, in withdrawal, or in crisis related to their use of alcohol or drugs. Please call us for a screening prior to admission. (519-428-1911)

Holmes House is a non-medical facility. Medications to assist withdrawal are to be prescribed by the client's doctor, and dispensing will be monitored by Holmes House staff. Our close proximity to Norfolk General Hospital Emergency Department allows quick access to those in severe distress.
Trained staff are on duty 24/7 to monitor, evaluate and assist clients in need.

Individuals who are being tapered from prescription medication by their doctor are encouraged to utilize Holmes House services for support.
Holmes House 519-428-1911

Addictions Supportive Housing

Norfolk General Hospital - Holmes House
Addiction Supportive Housing (ASH) is a program available to residents of Haldimand and Norfolk counties. The objective of the program is to help people who are committed to ongoing recovery and to maintain housing by providing support in their home environment. Participants will be actively working with a counsellor on an individualized recovery plan.

This program provides temporary housing up to 364 days in length. The treatment plan will include education and practicing skills to obtain stable and appropriate housing by the participant's discharging date.

Marcy Elliott melliott@ngh.on.ca


Holmes House encourages graduates of their treatment program or graduates of other treatment programs, to engage in our 2-year aftercare program for continued support and assistance in their ongoing recovery.

Our aftercare is provided at Holmes House on Wednesday evenings.
Aftercare clients meet with a Holmes House rehab counsellor in a group setting where they can discuss their progress, difficulties and all issues relevant to continued success.

Caroline Bancarz cbancarz@ngh.on.ca

Recovery Sessions

Recovery sessions are available to all those in the community wishing to enhance lifestyle changes in regard to Addictions and Concurrent Disorders, understand underlying issues to your addiction and develop self-awareness. These sessions take place each Tuesday from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm and each Thursday from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm.

Those attending these educational sessions are expected to be free from substance use or alcohol usage when taking part in these sessions.

These meetings take place at Norfolk General Hospital Classroom A.
Jenn Pyne jpyne@ngh.on.ca

Family Programs

Holmes House offers educational support sessions to individuals, couples or families of those experiencing problems with alcohol/substance use.

These sessions take place on Monday from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm at Holmes House.

Marcy Elliott melliott@ngh.on.ca