Former nurse wins $12,358 in the NGH Volunteer Association’s 50/50 draw

(Photo left to right: Elizabeth Rotherham, 50/50 co-chair; Lois Craig, President, Volunteer Association; Nancy Easdown, winner; and Bonnie Harris, 50/50 co-chair)

Monday, November 27, 2023 – (SIMCOE) – Nancy Easdown, a former Registered Nurse (RN) who devoted an incredible 32 years of her life to Norfolk General Hospital (NGH), recently took home an impressive $12,358 in the Norfolk General Hospital Volunteer Associations’ 50/50 jackpot. Her win is a shining example of kindness and community support!

Nancy’s win isn’t just luck—it’s a reflection of her big heart. Planning to use some of her winnings for a trip to Florida, she also generously gave back to the NGH Volunteer Association. Her gesture highlights how vital volunteers are to NGH’s success.

“I donated a portion of my winnings in recognition of the invaluable contribution made by the volunteers to Norfolk General Hospital,” said Nancy. “With 32 years of experience at NGH, I’ve witnessed firsthand the indispensable role played by the Volunteer Association in the hospital’s operations; it simply couldn’t function without their dedicated support.”

Nancy’s ticket was purchased during an NGH Quarter Century dinner in October, and fortune smiled upon her during the final Treasure Mart Fundraiser on November 18 at the Simcoe AUD where her winning ticket was pulled.

“The NGH Volunteer Association is so grateful by how our community has jumped on board with our 50/50 initiative in its first year – their support means the world to us,” said Kerri Emberlin, Director of Volunteer & Spiritual Care Services at NGH. “This approach is helping us bring in funds for essential equipment in a fresh and exciting way. And it was absolutely heartwarming to witness our hospital staff and community backing this significant cause. This is truly a win-win for the Norfolk County community.”

Let’s join hands in celebrating Nancy’s kindness and the remarkable support extended by the NGH Volunteer Association!

Every dollar raised through the NGH Volunteer Associations’ 50/50 goes toward purchasing essential medical equipment for the hospital. While many aspects of healthcare are covered by government funding, buying new and replacing hospital equipment is not one of them. We rely entirely on donations from our community.

The NGH Volunteer Association plans to announce their next 50/50 draw sometime next year. Stay tuned for more details.