Dr. Martin-Godelie appointed as Norfolk General Hospital’s Chief of Staff

(Tuesday, November 8, 2022) – The Norfolk General Hospital (NGH) Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Dr. Robin Martin-Godelie will assume the key position of Chief of Staff on a permanent basis. The appointment takes effect immediately.

“It was a unanimous decision to appoint Dr. Martin-Godelie to serve in this key leadership role,” said Marjorie Dawson, Chair of the NGH Board of Directors. “She brings all of the qualifications that any hospital would want in a Chief of Staff. Dr. Martin-Godelie’s empathetic and energetic application of her considerable skills, and abilities, will ensure Norfolk and West Haldimand General Hospitals will continue to drive forward in delivering the highest quality of healthcare services to residents in the communities we serve.”

Dr. Martin-Godelie has been serving as interim Chief of Staff since November 2021.

A highly regarded family physician and a specialist in palliative care, Dr. Martin-Godelie has served as a physician at Norfolk General Hospital since 2005. She has also served as Vice-President of the hospital’s Medical Staff Association and is the Chair of the Medical Quality Committee. Dr. Martin-Godelie is also active with the Stedman Hospice Outreach Team, providing hospice palliative care in the community, and sits on the board of the Norfolk Haldimand Community Hospice, working towards a Center for Hospice Palliative care located in our two counties.

“It is an absolute honour for me to serve as Chief of Staff at Norfolk and West Haldimand General Hospitals,” said Dr. Martin-Godelie. “Both organizations are making great strides in addressing the unique needs of Haldimand-Norfolk residents, and I am deeply committed to continuing on our journey of team-building and partnership to strengthen patient experiences and access to local healthcare services for everyone who lives in the communities that we serve.”

Dr. Martin-Godelie was selected through a competitive recruitment process that involved extensive consultation with the hospital’s Medical Advisory Committee and Senior Leadership Team.

As Chief of Staff, Dr. Martin-Godelie oversees medical quality of care through the hospital Medical Advisory Committee and provides overall medical leadership to the hospital. Dr. Martin-Godelie will continue to make significant contributions to the hospital’s Senior Management team and as an ex officio member of the Board of Directors.

The Chief of Staff position supports Norfolk and West Haldimand General Hospitals as part of our ongoing partnership.