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Name of Person Department (519) 426-0130 Extension
Rogers, Emma Foundation CEO 1454
Isaacs, Adam Director Emergency Dept., ICU, Respiratory 3271
Chambers, Sherry Director of O.R, S.D.C. and ICU 2394
Charles, Charlene Executive Assistant to the President & CEO, Coordinator of Board Affairs 1228
Smith, Jason Director of Capital Projects 1241
Dukeshire, Pamela Director of Finance 1223
Edwards, Jennifer Director of Quality, Clinical Practice and Infection Prevention and Control 3454
Emberlin, Kerri Director of Volunteers 2100
Florio, Vicky Director of Nursing – NHNH 6973
Gatchalian, Nona Director of Patient Information 1475
Gautreau, Aaron Director of Communications and Public/Patient Relations 2454
Gudoshava, Violet Director of Support Services 1263
Hill, Dan Vice President of Finance & CFO 6978
Irvine, Sarah Jane Chief Human Resources Officer 4235
Ma, Roger Director of Pharmacy 1300
McFadden, Leigh Director Clinical Diagnostic Services 1225
Mullins, Kim Vice-President Clinical and Chief Nursing Executive 6979
Pajor, Susan Assistant Director NHNH 1287
Gaal, Jonathan Director of Purchasing & Stores 1230
Edwards, Jennifer Clinical Director, 4B Complex Continuing Care, Patient Flow, Social Work, Discharge Planning and Rehab 4004
Sheppard, Kerri Infection Control Practitioner 2354
Speir, Amanda Administration Assistant, Patient Care 1301
Spinelli, Deborah Manager of Occupational Health & Safety 1262
Willemsen, Tara Manager of Clinical Development 2314