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I acknowledge that all information listed here is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if and when I discontinue my role as a volunteer at NGH/NHNH that I must return my nametag. I accept that the information provided on this application and any information disclosed during any interview may be shared with other Volunteers or staff as required to successfully screen and place me in a service at this facility.

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Please select the boxes of the volunteer services which interest you the most. The service(s) that you are able to participate in will be determined by your availability, skills and experiences as well as by our current vacancies. This will be discussed during your interview. Please refer to the Volunteer Service Description form for more details regarding each service.

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Who is PFAC

Patient and Family Advisory Council Members 

  • Share their story.
  • Participate in committee work.
  • Review or help create educational or informational materials.
  • Work on long and short-term projects.
  • Serve on a patient and family advisory council.

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