Who Do We Serve?

You and/or your family in the hospital.

You and/or your family who require follow - up once discharged from hospital. Residents and families of NGH Chronic Care Unit as required for discharge. Norfolk Hospital Nursing Home on a consultation basis only.

Why See a Social Worker?

The diagnosis and treatment of an illness can create serious disruptions for you and your family.

Like many people, you and your family may experience anxiety, depression, financial stress and life - style changes as a result of your illness.

Trying to cope along with your illness can be a difficult and isolating experience.

What Do We Provide? 

Counseling to you and your family in adjusting to your illness or disability.

Assessment of your needs for continuing care, discharge planning and placement prior to your discharge.

Helping you arrange for services after you leave the hospital. How Do We Provide Our Service?

Through psychosocial assessment.

In cooperation with other health care providers in the hospital and the community.

By valuing the dignity and autonomy of the individual: the right to self - determination and belief in the individual's ability to change.

Call (519) 426 - 0130 ext. 4474 or ext. 4242

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Who is PFAC

Patient and Family Advisory Council Members 

  • Share their story.
  • Participate in committee work.
  • Review or help create educational or informational materials.
  • Work on long and short-term projects.
  • Serve on a patient and family advisory council.

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