Physiotherapists are registered, university educated health care professionals trained to assess and treat a variety of conditions affecting orthopaedic, neurological and cardiopulmonary systems. The goal of care is to maximize patient function. This would encompass strength, movement, balance, mobility and improvement of respiratory status to enable a safe return to the patient’s discharge destination.

Support staff that are also involved in patient care include physiotherapy assistants, aides and kinesiologists.Orthopaedic physiotherapy treatment is available to Staff of Norfolk General Hospital, NHNH and Holmes House by referral through Occupational Health.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists are health care professionals trained to assess and treat a variety of disorders or disease processes, which may interfere with a person's self-care, productivity or leisure skills.

Occupational Therapists specialize in analyzing and adapting activities in order to allow the person to develop or to maintain their abilities and prevent further disability.

Occupational Therapists are registered health care professionals licensed to practice in Ontario.

Speech Pathology

Speech-Language Pathologists are health care professionals trained to assess and treat a broad range of communication disorders. As well, speech pathologists are specialists in assessing and managing swallowing disorders.

Communication Services

It is estimated that 1 in 10 Canadians suffers from a communication disorder. At Norfolk General, the range of services for adults includes assessment, treatment and consultation regarding: 

  • neurological communication disorders resulting from stroke, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, ALS etc.
  • stuttering and related fluency disorders
  • voice disorders
  • post-operative follow-up for patients with oral /laryngeal cancer
  • developmental speech and language delays /disorders
  • basic level augmentative-alternative communication needs (Note: we are not an ADP authorizing clinic.)

Swallowing Services

Assessment and consultation services are available for those suffering from dysphagia secondary to:

  • progressive neurological conditions (e.g. ALS)
  • Skeletal muscle/ connective tissue diseases (e.g., scleroderma, Sjogren's syndrome)
  • oral/ laryngeal cancer
  • trauma

The swallowing assessment includes an oral motor examination and observation of eating.

Services are provided to outpatients as well as inpatients. A Physician's referral is required.

For further information or to make a referral, contact:
Senior Speech-Language Pathologist
Norfolk General Hospital
365 West St. Simcoe,
Tel: 519.426.0130 x2312
Fax: 519.429.6941

Activation Department

Activation Coordinator
519-426-0750 x 4285

Therapeutic Recreation

Is a process that utilizes functional intervention, leisure education and recreation participation to enable persons with physical, cognitive, emotional and social limitations to acquire the skills, knowledge and behaviors that will allow them to enjoy their leisure interests. With the least amount of assistance and participates as fully as possible in society. Therapeutic recreation intervention is provided by trained professionals in clinical and/ or community settings.


  • A variety of programming is available Monday to Saturday and including some evenings
  • Patients can expect to have individual treatment goals and activity plan completed emphasizing client centred goals
  • Monthly calendars will be distributed to each person outlining the programs
  • Families are encouraged to participate in the programming
  • Community outings are scheduled
  • Residents are given an opportunity to provide valuable feedback on the recreational programs offered

Wheelchair Van

There is a wheelchair van available for private use for appointments and other social functions

For more information, please contact the Activation Coordinator room 457

A sufficient amount of time is required to arrange for books, so please notify the Activation staff as soon as possible. There may be a fee for this service.

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Who is PFAC

Patient and Family Advisory Council Members 

  • Share their story.
  • Participate in committee work.
  • Review or help create educational or informational materials.
  • Work on long and short-term projects.
  • Serve on a patient and family advisory council.

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