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The Norfolk General Hospital Obstetrical Unit provides family centred care to approximately 350 families each year. The birthing rooms provide a comfortable setting amidst a department prepared for Optimal Level 1 obstetrical care. A 1:1 nurse patient ratio enables continuous support and monitoring for mother and baby. Partners and/or delivery coaches are welcome to attend the labour and delivery.


Norfolk General Hospital is pleased to have Dr. Brian Ferguson as the hospital’s first Obstetrician/Gynecologist. Dr. Ferguson completed his residency at the University of Toronto joining NGH in July of 2014. Having Dr. Ferguson on site makes NGH unique for a hospital of it size.

As NGH’s first OB/GYN, Dr. Ferguson’s presence vastly enhances women's access to obstetrical services in Norfolk and area. Dr. Ferguson will work in cooperation with four established physicians who provide low-risk obstetrical services. 


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We invite Moms and families to arrange for a tour of the Obstetrical Unit. If you would like to arrange a tour with the Norfolk General Hospical staff, please leave a message at 519-426-0130 x 1205.  

Planning for Your Birth IMG 1065Your birth plan and pre-natal record as completed by your self and your physician provide important information for the obstetrical staff and other members of the health care team.

Pain Management with Labour and Birth
While it is difficult to predict what your labour will be like and what you may require in terms of pain relief, you are encouraged to discuss options for pain management with your physician in advance and make your preference known to the physician and the nursing staff.

After the Birth

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After a first examination, babies receieve the Vitamin K injections to help prevent bleeding problems and the Erythromycin eye ointment to prevent eye infections. Your baby will remain with you after birth and a nurse will assist with feeding and infant care.

Once you and your baby are settled in your room on the Obstetrical Unit, you will be able to watch your baby receive his/her first bath. Your baby will remain in your room. Your caregivers will help you learn to care for your baby. You will also learn how the hospital ensures the security of your baby during your stay.


Please let family and friends know that you and your support person will be in contact with them about your progress during labour. The hospital is not ob_4able to provide this information to them. It is encouraged that only the partner, grandparents, brothers and sisters of the baby visit (children visiting need to have up-to-date immunizations). The general visiting hours are 12pm to 8pm with a rest period for the mother/baby from 1:30pm to 3pm.

Hospitals and the Public Heath Unit work together to provide better care to you and your new baby. The Healthy Babies, Healthy Children Programs has many benefits: With your consent, the hospital will let the Public Health Unit know about your baby's birth.

Breast feeding support is offered by the Haldimand Norfolk Heath Unit by calling 519-426-6170

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