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"Quality Bladder and Bowel Care for Quality Living"


Who should come?

If you are 60 years of age or over and have any of these problems:

• go to the bathroom often
• Worry about falling when rushing to the bathroom
• leak urine when cough, laugh, sneeze or do any activity
• have bladder infections often
• have problems with constipation
• have problems with bowel control
• wake up more than one time during the night to urinate
• have a strong need to urinate right away
• need to learn how to put a catheter in yourself

Come if you want to take charge of your bladder and bowel health!

Quality Care

Six new clinics are part of a program started over 15 years ago by Dr. Jennifer Skelly.  In a Continence Care Clinic you are seen by a certified Nurse Continence Advisor who is a Registered Nurse with advanced training in Continence Care.

Quality Living

Clients' comments about their care...

"I could not believe something as easy as changing what I was drinking would help me so much."

"I cannot tell you what a relief it is to not have to worry about soiling myself in public."

"Without this clinic, I would still be suffering at home."

Your Clinic Visit

Your first visit will last for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Your 1 or 2 follow-up visits will be about 30 minutes. You will be asked questions about your bladder or bowel problem.

You may have an ultrasound test to see how well you empty your bladder.  You may need to have an examination to test the strength of your pelvic muscles.

Education is a key part of this program.  After you visit, the Nurse will talk to you about treatment options which may include:

  • learning about the causes of your problem
  • learning pelvic muscle exercises
  • changing your drinking or eating habits
  • using special products to reduce your personal costs on pads and laundry
  • looking at factors related to your risk of falls

Get an Appointment

This is a free service offered by your Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).

You may call yourself or be referred by your family doctor, specialist or health care provider.

For an Appointment, Call Toll Free 1-877-490-2732



Bladder and bowel concerns are not something you need to live with.  These problems can be treated, managed or cured, often without medication or surgery.

Call today...
You will be glad you did!

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