Visitor Restrictions May 13, 2020

Due to the extremely high risk to visitors, patients and staff, no visitors are allowed, with limited exceptions for essential visitors.
Essential Visitors include:
-One visit by one designated person to a patient who is dying or during withdrawal of life support (determined by the clinical team)
-One designated support person for a woman in labour
-Parent/guardian of an ill child or youth in the emergency department
-Exceptions to this policy may be considered for rare circumstances not described
-Essential visitors are required to wear an identification bracelet while in hospital
We ask that you clean your hands when you enter and exit the facility, as well as when you enter and exit your loved ones room.
Food and Personal Items for Patients:
Food and personal items will not be accepted at the hospital due to infection control and safety risks for our staff and patients.
Exceptions: Glasses, hearing aids, dentures, one personal cell phone/tablet, clothing required for patients who are being imminently discharged.
Acceptable items listed above can be delivered to the screening desk at the Emergency Department entrance and will be bagged, then delivered to the patient’s room. The patient is responsible for all belongings and/or valuables in their possession during admission. NGH assumes no responsibility and or liability for lost or damaged valuables and or belongings brought to the hospital.
Items will NOT be accepted if the person delivering them does not pass the screening criteria.
Do NOT bring items to the hospital if you:
-Are symptomatic
-Have recently travelled 
-Have had close contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19
-Have had close contact with a person with symptoms 
Stay connected virtually with patients:
We recognize the impact of isolation for patients and families during this difficult time and we are doing everything we can to help patients and loved ones stay connected. If you have a family member at NGH, please consider the alternatives to in-person visits below:
The Hospital supports the use of technology to connect with your loves ones through virtual options like Skype, facetime, WebEx or telephone calls.
NGH has guest Wi-Fi capacity and continues to offer this service free of charge.
-Call your loved one in their room through switchboard if a bedside phone is available
-Patient can bring their own device when possible to stay connected to loved ones through face time, Skype etc.
-When patient do not have access to their own personal device, assistance may be provided to access technology to assist with virtual visits
-Send an E-card to your loved one; it’s a free service available on our website that includes an email address where you can add photos if you wish.
NGH is committed to protecting the privacy of our patients and staff. When using Skype, facetime or similar options to connect with your loved one, we ask that you respect those around you and never include anyone in the video event or camera frame without their knowledge or permission.

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