This is a reminder that Norfolk General Hospital is 100% smoke free! (effective September 30, 2014) As a healthcare facility, we strive to assist in the prevention of medical diseases such as lung cancer and chronic pulmonary diseases, asthma and other respiratory conditions that can be caused by smoking and the effects of second-hand smoke.

Smoking prohibitions have been extended to all areas of the hospital including the exterior grounds, parking areas and vehicles. The West Street designated smoking area no longer exists.

This policy applies to staff, volunteers, students, visitors and patient that are within the boundaries of NGH.

Please keep in mind to respect our neighbouring property owners on Elgin Ave, West St, Bellvue Ave and Elgin Ave Public School. Do not use their lawns and driveways as an ashtray. A Butt Stop is located near the Main entrance at the corner of Robinson and Elgin Streets.  

(refrence NGH policy ll-d-3) 


NGH policy exceeds Smoke Free Ontario however, only by-law enforcement will issue a fine of up to $305 if tobacco use is within 9 metres of a doorway. Your cooperation is appreciated.


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