NGH/NHNH Influenza Pandemic Plan Summary:

The NGH/NHNH Influenza Pandemic Plan is a comprehensive document that includes the following:

  • An Incident Management System which is designed to ensure there is a unified command structure, and that all available resources are used in an efficient and effective manner.

  • The establishment of an additional inpatient unit to care for influenza patients.

  • The Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit both increasing in size and being divided into two areas so as to separately care for influenza like illness (ILI) patients and non ILI patients.

  • A road map for moving patients throughout the hospital so as to segregate ILI and non ILI patients.

  • A Human Resources Plan that will ensure staff are deployed to the most critical tasks during a pandemic event.

  • A four week stockpile of certain supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE). The government is to provide the second 4 week installment of PPE as required.

  • Processes to coordinate communications with health care providers, staff, families, patients, residents, volunteers, the public and media.

  • A comprehensive infection control chapter that outlines precautions to be taken for an influenza pandemic.

  • A mass vaccination clinic for staff.  

The plan is a live/active document that will be revised as new information becomes available.

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