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Dr. Demian looks forward to exploring the county and making a real difference

June 26-2012


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It’s taken no time at all for Dr. Hany Demian, Norfolk General Hospital’s newest ER Physician, to get acquainted with his new colleagues and community and it’s considered another win for NGH’s recruitment efforts.

“I had a friend who did a site visit a couple of years ago and was very impressed with NGH. I’ve had my eye on the hospital ever since and when I learned of an opportunity in the Emergency, I went right away,” said Demian. Right away indeed. In fact, right off the plane from Halifax and into a shift in the NGH Emergency. “I did a lot of locums in the past, so I was kind of a flying physician where they would drop me off somewhere in Newfoundland for a few days then I’d go back to my base. I’m pretty used to this.”

Prior to Dr. Demian’s arrival at NGH, he spent four years in Emergency rooms in rural Nova Scotia including, New Glasgow, Truro and Windsor. He also worked in Summerside PEI for one year and two years in Newfoundland. “I’ve worked in a lot of ER’s; but I’ve already noticed at NGH there are more acute patients-(really sick patients). The back-up is great.   Internal medicine and general surgery are there when you need them. You feel safe when you have your colleagues around. That’s a good thing for staff and patients and hard to find.” Dr. Demian laughs, ‘the weather is pretty nice too’, coming from the east coast to southern Ontario. “Everything is so close here, there’s a lot to do.”

Emergency medicine is a real passion for Dr. Demian. “I enjoy making a quick difference in a patient’s life. It’s often a life or death situation in the ER and I have an opportunity to help make a real difference,” said Demian, who originally began in family medicine when he first arrived to Canada seven years ago from Egypt.

In addition to helping patients in the ER, Dr. Demian considers this an opportunity to be a leader for fellow colleagues and students who come to train from the McMaster Expanded Residency Program. As an expert with bedside ultrasound, Demian is qualified in basic and advanced ultrasound and teaches both as an Independent practitioner with the Canadian Emergency Ultrasound Association.

Prior to his arrival, Demian provided input into the purchase of the new critical care ultrasound that has been generously funded by donors.

While patient care is Dr. Demian’s priority, it’s also important to have a good relationship with his colleagues. “The nurses like him,” said Stephanie Thompson, ER nurse. “He’s already bought pizza for everyone and even a dozen donuts,” smiled Thompson. “I’m a single guy, I don’t like eating alone,” admits the new Doc. “I spend most of my time working, so I like to eat amongst my friends and colleagues.”

In the next few weeks, Dr. Demian hopes to explore more of his new community and look for a new home. He joined a gym the day after he arrived and next wants to learn to sail. “I’ve heard this is a big sailing community, I’m not very good, but I’m planning to learn.”

As for NGH, Demian sees it as a good combination of urban and rural high quality medicine.” The doctors are all very nice, very accommodating and helpful and the nursing staff is very skilled.”

“We’re thrilled and very fortunate to have Dr. Demian join our medical team; he will play a vital role in emergency care in Norfolk County. His expertise in critical care ultrasound couldn’t have come at a better time. He will be a real help to staff and patients will greatly benefit.” said Kelly Isfan, president and CEO, NGH. “On behalf of all our staff I extend Dr. Demian a warm welcome.”


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