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April 4, 2012

NGH Completes Successful Accreditation

Process Provides an Opportunity to Map out Future Improvements


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Simcoe, ON – On March 26 – 29 four surveyors from Accreditation Canada were on-site at Norfolk General Hospital meeting with teams of staff and physicians as the hospital seeks to renew its accreditation award. The Accreditation Survey is part of the hospital’s ongoing commitment to providing high quality patient care. NGH last participated in the accreditation survey in 2009 and received a three year award at that time.

Although Accreditation Canada’s final report recommendations will not be available for another few weeks, early feedback from the surveyor’s shows that NGH has made significant progress on many of its priorities such as:

  • Developing effective partnerships with a wide variety of community partners to ensure that our patients receive the right care in the right place at the right time.
  • The Infection Prevention and Control team has made significant progress, particularly in increasing hand hygiene awareness, education, and compliance.
  • Staff members across the hospital were recognized for their commitment to ensuring safe patient care. The surveyors particularly noted the falls prevention strategy as a successful initiative.

Conclusions presented by the surveyors to hospital personnel suggest that staff is very positive about their work environment.   John Ruetz, lead accreditation surveyor, noted that “everyone was easy to speak with, transparent, open, and excited to give answers. There was also a willingness to listen and ask questions too. That’s always a good sign of an engaged organization.”

“The accreditation process is about celebrating your successes, but also about learning about where you can invest your efforts to continue to do better,” said Kelly Isfan, NGH president & CEO. “I’m very excited about upcoming strategic planning and focusing on the things we are going to improve on, not only for accreditation, but for our patients and our staff members.” said Isfan.

Accreditation Canada is the major national accrediting body for health service organizations across Canada. The accreditation program is designed to assist health service providers to drive improvements in health care through self-assessment and evaluation.

During the on-site visit, surveyors met with a broad spectrum of people from different areas of the hospital and the community, including board members and administrative staff, physicians, caregivers, human resources people, information management specialists, patients and family members, as well as community partners, to discuss their experiences, perceptions and expectations.

The accreditation process reviewed NGH performance on 1676 applicable criteria across eight dimensions of quality. NGH met 96% of these criteria. “Participation in accreditation enables the hospital to keep ‘raising the bar’ and improve services. I’m really eager to get on with the work at hand,” said Isfan. The hospital will soon receive the final accreditation report and have the opportunity to map out future improvements.



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