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Staff and Patients Eager to Return to Regular Activity


April 2, 2012

Simcoe, ON – The 4B unit of Norfolk General Hospital has resumed regular patient care as the gastric outbreak declared March 7, has successfully been controlled.


“We appreciate the understanding of family members and friends who’s loved ones were affected by the strict visiting restrictions,” said Mark Jefferson, infection control director. “Control measures are an essential element in our outbreak plan and we’re thankful for everyone’s cooperation.”


“We are really looking forward to returning to our group activities and patient outings on the unit,” said Janice Macovik, 4B director who points out the value of therapy recreation for patients and how it contributes to their overall well-being. “Staff on 4b should also be commended for their dedication and outstanding team work,” said Macovik.


The infection control department at NGH will continue to closely monitor the health and safety of all patients, and consider implementing necessary precautions if required.


It is always important to avoid visiting patients if you are feeling unwell. Diligent hand hygiene can greatly decrease the spread of germs and viruses and should be incorporated into everyone’s daily lifestyle.


For more information please contact:


Mark Jefferson

Infection Control Director, NGH

519-426-0130. Ext. 3454

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