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Date: January 27, 2012

Simcoe, ON – The Norfolk Hospital Nursing Home have implemented strict resident precautions due to the circulation of several identified respiratory viruses. “At this point we have decided to restrict all visitors from entering the Nursing Home,” said Mark Jefferson, Infection Control Director, NGH. There may be some exceptions made for compassionate reasons on an individual basis.

The Nursing Home began to experience an increase in respiratory illness at the beginning of January and have been diligently working with the Haldimand Norfolk Health Unit to instate immediate precautions including; direct communication with family members, resident isolation, increased cleaning, signage, cancelation of group activities and a halt to new admissions and transfers.

“It’s not typical that we close the Nursing Home to visitors, but at this time, we feel this is in the best interest of our residents’ health,” said Mark Jefferson.

While three variations of the common cold virus have been identified in the Nursing Home, there have been no serious illnesses and no cases of influenza. Symptomatic residents have been experiencing cough, malaise, stuffy nose, runny nose and mild fever.

In addition to visitor restrictions, the Nursing Home is assessing the outbreak on a daily basis and working on a comprehensive strategy to return to regular activity as soon as possible.

If you are sick, please stay at home. Make sure you cover your cough and practice good hand hygiene. “Even a relatively healthy person with a mild cough or runny nose could compromise the health of an elderly or immune comprised resident and we do not want to take that risk,” said Mark Jefferson.

Visitor restriction will remain in effect until further notice. We thank the community for their understanding and cooperation. If family members have any immediate concern about their loved one, please contact the Nursing Home. (519) 426-0130 Ext. 6972, 6971

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