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Surgery Locum

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Family Medicine

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Family Physicians 

Norfolk County has been deemed as an area of "High Physician Needs" click here to learn about new and existing FHO Opportunities.


Emergency Physician

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Norfolk General Hospital Nursing Positions

Norfolk General Hospital  Professional  Positions

Norfolk General Hospital Other Positions

Registered Nurse - 3E/4B Part Time (20-015)

Registered Nurse - 3B, Part Time (20-08)

Registered Practical Nurse - 3E/4B, Part Time (20-09)

Personal Support Worker, 4B- Part Time- #20-044

Registered Nurse- ED/ICU, Part Time-#20-145

Registered Nurse, Temporary Full Time, ED - #20-227

Registered Nurse- ED, Full Time Temporary - #21-03

Registered Nurse - ED/ICU, Full Time - # 21-13

Registered Nurse -ED/ICU, Temporary Full Time - # 21-11
Registered Practical Nurse-3E, Temporary Full Time- #21-07
Registered Practical Nurse- 3B, Part Time- #21-08

Registered Nurse, ED/ICU, Part Time - #21-24

Registered Nurse, ICU, Temporary Full Time- #21-31

Nurse Practitioner (Holmes House), Full Time- #21-32

Registered Nurse, ED, Full Time - #21-40

Norfolk Hospital Nursing Home Positions

Registered Nurse-NHNH, Part Time (20-016)

Personal Support Worker - NHNH, Part Time (20-129)

Registered Practical Nurse - NHNH, Part Time (20-130)  

Registered Practical Nurse - Temporary Full Time Nights, (21-05)

Registered Practical Nurse-NHNH, Part Time (21-25)

Registered Practical Nurse- NHNH, Part Time (Job Share) (21-33)

Registered Practical Nurse- NHNH, Part Time (21-34)

 Personal Support Worker, Full Time (21-42)

Medical Laboratory Technologist, Temporary Part Time (20-150)

Medical Laboratory Technologist - Pathology, Part Time (20-064)

Medical Laboratory Technologist - Core Lab, Full Time, #20-226

Laboratory Technician Assistant, Full Time, #21-41

Diagnostic Imaging Technologist - CT, Full Time, # 21-44



Clinical Director - Pandemic Response, Temporary Full Time - 1 Year - #21-35

 Health Services Attendant, Part Time, ED, (21-06)

Activation Coordinator, Temporary Full Time, #21-20

Respiratory Therapist, Temporary Part Time, #21-21

Physiotherapist, Temporary Full Time, - # 21-22

PT/OT Aide, Temporary Full Time, - #21-23

PT Pulmonary Function Technician, # 20-205



For Internal Job Postings, please refer to the Norfolk General Hospital Intranet or Human Resources job board.

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CAMHS Career Opportunities


Who is PFAC

Patient and Family Advisory Council Members 

  • Share their story.
  • Participate in committee work.
  • Review or help create educational or informational materials.
  • Work on long and short-term projects.
  • Serve on a patient and family advisory council.

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