Surgical Safety Checklists (SSCL)

• The SSCL is a patient safety communication tool used by the operating room team to facilitate team discussion and ensure that everyone is familiar with the case, reducing reliance on memory for certain necessary interventions.

• Ultimately, using SSCLs will improve teamwork and communication in the operating room, which can lead to improved patient care and safety, decreased complications and deaths from surgery, and better operating room efficiency.


• SSCLs are divided into three parts relating to different phases of a surgery (i.e., briefing, time-out and debriefing), and each section of the checklist has information that is relevant to that phase.


• Operating room teams have used different types of checklists for many years. The three-phase SSCL has emerged as a useful best practice because it organizes the information at the right moments in time.


• The SSCL is a team communication tool used to inform all team members about important details regarding the patient and the surgery. It reduces reliance on memory so that one person is not responsible for remembering every single step needed for a safe surgery.


• The public reporting of our hospital’s SSCL percentage compliance allows hospitals to establish a baseline from which they can track their percentage compliance over time.


• Patients having surgery at our hospital can expect to have the checklist performed during their procedure.


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