The values of the Norfolk General Hospital are as follows:

We actively seek out and evaluate new evidence based practices and technologies.

We demonstrate, in our words and actions, empathy for our patients and families treating them in a caring, gentle, courteous and respectful way.

We are accountable to each other, the people we serve, our community and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for our actions.  We measure the outcomes of our actions and report them.  We are stewards of the resources entrusted to us to deliver safe, effective and efficient health care.

We recognize that each individual member of the care team, our partners, patients, and their families can improve the quality of our future. We listen to each other and work together with dignity and consideration to achieve our vision.

We support and foster an environment that enables patients and their families to be involved in care planning and decision making.
We value and encourage all members of the hospital team to provide input into the decision making process and take iniative to make things better.

We are committed to working with our partners to build on each others' skills and expertise, maximize utilization of resources, and improve communications, to ensure an integrated response to patient and community health needs.

We learn from our successes and failures, strive to exceed benchmarks/standards and pursue ongoing education and development.

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